Hi, I'm Nikhilesh. I live in Mumbai, am a techie by profession, and have a keen interest in philosophy and poetry. You may enjoy my blog here Zarquon is Not Very Punctual.

I occasionally used to trek the Ghats around Mumbai in Monsoons. And it is always nice to find new friends on treks. So, we (Ritesh and I) made a small site. Do visit here if you wish to join us on our next trek.

Old Doordarshan serials interest me a lot. I started communities on social media sites for others like me. Here are the Facebook and Orkut ones. I also started a small site to complement it - Old Doordarshan Serials

I like my desktop simple and blank. But, I can do with some messages on it. This script generates my wallpapers with Buddha's random quotes; and 'random' attributes only the order in which the quotes appear, not the quotes themselves :-). Go here, if you like them in custom sizes and colors (check out the URL after clicking).

I've had a stint with CSS and Javascript recently. But, I realized a lot can be done with it. So, I wrote these.

And, if you think I would be interested in reading what you have to say, nikhilesh[at]ghushe.com would always welcome your emails.

Bye, and have a nice day.